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If you’re tired of the same old insider Washington politicians who say one thing yet do another, I invite you to join me on my “Quest for America” Deborah
Deborah & Alec Pueschel
Election Day August 26, 2014
Early Voting August 16-23
Born into a family of distinguished civil and military patriots with ancestors that served in the American Revolution, Deborah Pueschel comes from a long line of Americans who have served their country with honor.  Deborah served our country as an air traffic controller, one of the first woman in her division in air traffic history, with honor and dignity.  As a civil servant, she has effectively influenced Congress on issues concerning aviation safety, civil service reform, and occupational health standards.  

For years Deborah has been very vocal in her fight against Washington waste, excessive crony-ism, and senseless inefficiency which runs rampant within our federal government.  Deborah has stood for limited role in government and less bureaucracy before the dawn of the Tea Party movement and the Obama healthcare debacle. She’s definitely no stranger to understanding very complex issues that have been carefully manipulated by our decision-makers to skirt tough choices that will help fix the crisis that America faces. 

If we do not answer the call and find different leadership we as Americans are in real trouble.  Our ancestors did not fight for freedom just to have us throw it away 200 years later.  It’s going to take people like Deborah who have both a comprehensive knowledge of how government works and a real love for America’s founding principles to help get the country out of the current mess that we all have inherited.    Deborah brings a no-nonsense approach to Congress, as a former civil servant and someone who has experienced a bureaucratic government (empowered by some Congressional Members) growing ever more dysfunctional.  

This is not the same country or government her ancestors had conceived when they were fighting for America’s freedom and certainly not the one we would want the next generations to inherit as well.

Your support and vote is much appreciated as we journey together on the Quest for America!
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