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If you’re tired of the same old insider Washington politicians who say one thing yet do another, I invite you to join me on my “Quest for America” Deborah
Deborah & Alec Pueschel
Deborah’s 12 Points on the Quest for America: 

Deborah desires to (1-6)

•	Encourage solid congressional reform that revises congressional practices, imposes term limits, furthers campaign reform, and reviews the designation of appropriations in a manner that represents the wishes of the people and regains the public trust.

•	Strengthen our economy through measures that produce serious tax reform and relief, support of fair trade, and proper stewardship of a surplus in order to improve the job market, restore the American dream for all, and bring our beloved country to greater prosperity.

•	Sustain education by seeking the return of its control to parents, educators, and local and state government levels as well as encouraging school vouchers, tax credits, the use of the basic instruction methods, and a reform of student grants and loans.

•	Protect the environment by fostering good stewardship of our vast lands and resources in a responsible manner that maintains our unique environmental heritage as well as assures our people of safe food, homes, and workplaces.

•	Promote traditional family values that embrace life and the important role everyone plays in raising our future generations as well as protect the individual right to life, including that of the unborn, disabled, and elderly.

•	Preserve our founding principles and documents, including the United States Constitution and Declaration of Independence, as well as recognize the individual states’ sovereignty, in order to ensure a prosperous future for us and our children in following the American dream.
Endorsed by National Tax Payers Union, America’s independent, non-partisan advocate for overburdened taxpayers. 2004
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Election Day August 26, 2014
Early Voting August 16-23