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If you’re tired of the same old insider Washington politicians who say one thing yet do another, I invite you to join me on my “Quest for America” Deborah
Deborah & Alec Pueschel
Deborah’s 12 Points on the Quest for America:

Deborah desires to (6-12)

•	Further government reform by seeking improved efficiency of the federal government as well as a complete review of the federal regulatory bureaucracy, presidential executive orders, and federal judges and the judicial system.

•	Improve American health care by fostering an approach that assures every citizen of access to quality medical care without unnecessary burdens, reviews the medical, disability, and catastrophic insurance establishment, and supports alternative and preventative medicine.

•	Overhaul our system of immigration by promoting stronger border protection that ensures national security and seeking revisal of government policies to allow for streamlined, legal immigration and citizenship so that lawful immigrants can also live the American dream.

•	Support our military and veterans by working for improved care for them both during and after service as well as recognition and remembrance of them with the honor and gratitude they deserve for their great service to our country and enormous sacrifice for our freedom.

•	Maintain a strong national security in accordance with the federal government’s obligation to protect our country by seeking proper defensive, diplomatic, emergency, and intelligence needs in order to provide deterrence, peace, prosperity, and security to our great nation.

•	Reform Social Security by encouraging congressional support of providing individuals with several choices in order to ensure both a well-deserved life for retirees and a prosperous future for our next generations.
Endorsed by National Tax Payers Union, America’s independent, non-partisan advocate for overburdened taxpayers. 2004
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Election Day August 26, 2014
Early Voting August 16-23